Swiss Life Asset Managers offers qualified investors access to diverse regions and sectors within the infrastructure asset class.

We are one of Europe’s leading infrastructure asset management companies. Ours is a long infrastructure investment horizon, combining industry knowledge and expertise with reliability and sustainability.

Swiss Life Asset Managers has a strong track record with EUR 266 bn in assets under management and over 165 years’ experience in risk-conscious investing.

Since 2011, a dedicated team has systematically specialised in direct infrastructure equity investments that offer investors an attractive and diversified portfolio. The experienced team of over 65 professionals has since undertaken 75 direct investments in all major infrastructure sectors: renewable energy and energy, communications and transport, utilities and social. With each direct investment, the team seeks to drive change through board seats and active ownership, focusing on creating value for our clients.

Our investment approach

Our investment approach focuses on long-term, risk-conscious investing in sectors and regions which are supported by favourable regulatory regimes, political stability, have deep experience and strong networks, and can source opportunities which fit our and your investment goals.

We support our customers in achieving their investment objectives so they can plan long term and act with self-determination.

Our Infrastructure competenices

Swiss Life Asset Managers is one of Europe’s leading infrastructure asset management companies.

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